Starting a low-carb kitchen can be very easy if you have a few of the right tools. As you start to delve deeper into the world of low-carb, you may need to upgrade those tools and appliances. This can be a bit confusing if you are not knowledgeable about what they do, how they can help you, or if you can get a multi-use option instead. If you are starting off your new low-carb kitchen, here are seven appliances you will need.


Crockpot Slow cooker

It sounds so simple, but one of the top 2 appliances you need for low-carb kitchens is a crockpot. They do not have to be that big. Many low-carb kitchens have three traditional crockpots that are used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are used throughout the day and the week to make the meals with as little fuss as possible. They take up as much counter space as a set of kitchen gadget holders and canisters would, but are much more versatile. Use them for the day, toss them in the dishwasher at night, and reuse them the next day. They are an all-purpose option that can help you more than you realize.


Instant Pot

This is a must-have!  I rank it as the number one kitchen appliance to have. The Instant Pot will make the low-carb life easy for you. If you have to choose between a Crockpot and an Instapot, go with the Instapot. Its versatility is unmatched by the Crockpot. The Instapot performs as an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, warmer, sterilizer, and more.  You can saute, make cakes, yogurt, rice, eggs, and more – all in a matter of minutes.  If you want an appliance that can prepare meals under 45 minutes, this is the appliance to have.


Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

If you can afford the higher Professional Grade Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, I would highly encourage you to get one. Like the Instant Pot, it is versatile and designed to allow you to be more efficient in the kitchen.  Whether you’re mixing, beating, kneading, or whipping, the Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is the perfect appliance for your kitchen. The bowl-lift feature eliminates the need to hold onto the bowl with one hand while mixing with the other. There are multiple optional accessories that make it a breeze to grate cheese, slice onions, peel vegetables, or roll and press pasta.  I use mine regularly and even my husband uses it when creating keto pizzas. He uses the dough hook accessory for kneading the dough and the cheese grater accessory for grating the cheese.  I personally have the Kitchenaid Professional 600 and it’s worth its weight in gold.


Immersion Blender

You are going to find that one way to dress up your low-carb meals is to go with some sauces. You don’t want to buy them though. You want to make them yourself to ensure no additional carbs are going into the mix and you are reducing preservatives and sugar content as well. An immersion blender is an ideal thing to help turn your veggies into sauces quickly and easily. 


Food Saver

There will be some meals that you want to make ahead and freeze. You don’t want them to get freezer burn either. You may also want to buy meats in bulk or make marinades ahead of time. These processes can be done easily with a food saver. A food saver is a simple device that ranges in price from under $100 to a little above depending on the accessories. It uses vacuum seal bags and seals and removes the air to keep the food, marinades, or meats fresh.


Herb Keeper

An herb keeper is something that many people haven’t heard of. It takes up as much room as a coffee cup and is about the size of a coffee tumbler or travel mug. These herb keepers keep your herbs safe, fresh, and ready to use whenever you are ready. If there is an herb you use a lot, like oregano, you can start off with one herb keeper and then move up to more of them as you find the herbs you want to use more often and use fresh.


Food Scale

A food scale is going to be vital if you are trying to stay with a low-carb diet while still keeping your servicing sizes to a single-serve amount. You will find yourself weighing meat as well as vegetables and additional items. Make sure you have a digital food scale that measures in ounces to make things easier. 

By having these seven basic appliances in your kitchen, you will be able to convert your traditional kitchen into a low-carb option.


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