Very few people are attuned with their spiritual health which has a significant result in the total wellness of the mind and body. Spirituality is distinct to each person. It can be related to conventional religious beliefs such as Christianity, Hinduism, or Buddhism. It could also be manifested in the level of development that one experiences in individual relationships, or in merely being at peace with nature.

Those who are not in touch with their spiritual needs usually experience deep unhappiness, depression, extreme anger, stress and anxiety, grief, and fear. These unfavorable sensations can produce an environment for emotional, physical, and psychological health dysfunction. Individuals who experience duplicated psychological and physical abuse brings a wounded and damaged heart as if perpetually tortured by life’s problems and pains. They do not understand that their heavy-heart influences their wellness or quality of life. Rejection of the depth of distress will just intensify the scenario and might cause severe heart disease and illnesses.

Recent studies have actually revealed the connection between anxiety and depression, and the development of heart problems. They are thought-about threat aspects equal to high cholesterol and diabetes. According to research, clients going through anxiety are two times as likely to die from the complications of cardiovascular disease, compared with individuals who don’t have depression. Some specialists even suggest that anxiety, stress, and depression should be categorized as brand-new risk aspects for the development of cardiovascular disease.

Individuals who are alone and friendless tend to be more sickly, with higher possibilities of establishing cardiovascular disease and a much shorter life expectancy, than those blessed with a wide circle of friends and other relationships that supply moral and psychological support. There seems to be a direct connection in between illness and absence of love as recorded in research studies carried out by Dean Ornish, M.D., a highly regarded cardiologist from the University of California in San Francisco.

A couple of years earlier, scientists found that inflammation of the coronary arteries plays a role in the arteries ending up being clogged with cholesterol. Two of the most successful heart medications, beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors, work at the hormone level by decreasing the influence of adrenaline released when we are upset, nervous, or experiencing stress and fear. These drugs have been nothing except incredible, reducing the incidence of death by 30 percent.

Nevertheless, there are lots of patients who do not respond well to drugs since of psychological along with physical disorders. This is where alternative recovery, such as psychiatric therapy, meditation, or prayer, comes in.



One such meditative treatment is called Sufism, or Practicing Remembrance — an ancient spiritual practice that came from Islam and best known in the West through the poetry of Rumi. Sufism focuses its many useful and reliable approaches of healing on the heart with an easy but amazing method of opening an individual to the recovery rays of love.

Practicing Remembrance is a time-honored technique of recovery that uses a combination of breathing and sounds to open the heart to greater love. What you will be keeping in mind when you use this method is the idea of love. To lots of spiritual groups, the concept of love and God are interchangeable. For Sufis, the Practice of Remembrance is the repeating of God’s name in a number of succession or cycles. Each time the name of God is duplicated, love flows into the heart. It is this constant process of repetition that has the power to cleanse the heart of all the negative vibrations and the heaviness it carries. However, it is necessary to imagine love or the spirit entering the heart when the sound is being repeated.

Spiritual wellness is discovering your sense of purpose and living out your best life. If you find yourself struggling to tap into your spiritual wellness, visit us here.

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La Keeda Carroll, MSN RN CHC

Registered Nurse & Certified Health Coach

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